BBQ pleasure; you provide meat, we provide the fire

Special packaging
for wholesalers

6 bags of charcoal are packed and stretch wrapped together on a pallet ready to ship for our distributors and vendors to transfer our products to markets and restaurants with ease.

Our Products

Sausage Charcoal

Sausage Charcoal

It is named like this because of its shape. It comes in various sizes. It is made by raw materials composed of natural minerals. It can also be used to ignite hard-to-burn coal types.

Hookah Charcoal

Hookah Charcoal

%100 Produced from coconut shells. To make it ready for use is fast and easy. Coconut hookah charcoal elevates the aroma of the tobacco. The ash remains intact and does not drop onto hookah’s clay bowl, unless you drop it yourself, and it does not congest the bowl’s holes. It provides at least 90 minutes of enjoyable hookah smoking experience. It is 100% natural. Doesn't contain any chemical products. Because it is a natural product it won't change the aroma of the tobacco and doesn't cause headaches

Practical BBQ Charcoal

Practical BBQ Charcoal

3 Hours

The pressed Practical BBQ Charcoal is served in specially designed packages. It is a high quality and high calorie charcoal which continues to burn for about 3 hours.

About Doğa Charcoal Company

Factory and production: Our factory is located in Esenyurt, Istanbul, and has got a production and packaging facility that sits on 3000 m2 indoor and 2000 m2 outdoor space. Compared to the labour-intensive packaging and filling options which are more common in charcoal industry, our factory is one of the leading enterprises in its sector with its half automated machinery systems. Our drying system making the charcoal to burn faster and our oven which adjusts the humidity level in charcoal, provide full automatic drying which results charcoal to turn into ember much more quickly.

Factory and production:

Our company is Located in Istanbul and it has 3000 m2 indoor and 2000m2 outdoor production facility which was established to produce practical BBQ charcoal, briquette BBQ charcoal and cube-shaped coconut charcoal for hookah smoking. We produce easy-to-use charcoal products which are tailor-made for our certain groups of customers.

Quality in Charcoal

Our charcoals are produced fully from natural minerals, produce high calories, and burns for a long period of time. It has almost white ash colour, it is suitable for also indoor use and not harmful for human health. Our machinery and equipment have been specially designed and set up in our factory to meet our particular needs. We are proud to produce an eco-friendly product.

Doğa Charcoal / Documentation and Certification

Our practical and easy burning BBQ Charcoal in wooden crate has got a Utility Model Registration granted by Turkish Patent Institute. You can examine our documents that certify the quality and benefits of our products.